A Year of Indies: The Very Best of Under The Radar


For over a year now, we’ve been bringing you weekly dispatches from an often unexplored side of the App Store– independent games that don’t have the budget or brands to stand out from the crowd. But these games are still worth your attention, and they’re a lot better than a lot of App Store shovelware. Here are 20 top picks from over 200 indie games we’ve featured in the last year of Under The Radar articles, along with links to our full reviews. (more…)

Under The Radar: April 12, 2012


The App Store offers much more than just top-of-the-line, triple-A studio releases like Max Payne Mobile and Burnout: Crash. Every day, amateur and independent developers release new games, but most of them are widely ignored. We found five indie iOS games that we think are worth playing this week, so check out our picks below and support your App Store indies! (more…)

Under The Radar: April 5, 2012


Everyone wants to find success on the App Store, but some developers have a leg up when it comes to their marketing budget or big-name brand. To highlight some lesser-known titles, we’ve pulled together some of the most promising new indie games for Under The Radar. Take a chance on one of these games, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. (more…)

Under The Radar: February 16, 2012


In addition to our regular news, reviews, and previews, once a week we gather up the App Store’s best new indie games for our Under The Radar feature. Even though you probably haven’t heard of these games before, they’ve each got something special (like a great art style, or unique twist on a familiar genre) that make them worth trying. Here are our picks for this week’s standouts. (more…)