Under The Radar: August 9, 2012


Last week, we missed out on our weekly Under The Radar round-up of indie iOS games because we were busy covering Electronic Arts, one of the largest gamemakers in existence. To preserve our indie cred, we’re back with our traditional five picks, along with a bonus pick. Support your App Store indies by checking out a few of these high-quality games! (more…)

Under The Radar: July 12, 2012


Gaming on iOS is incredible because it doesn’t just rely on big-name brands, but also on the creative efforts of countless independent developers. Every week, we round up five of our favorite new releases from the world of indie iOS gaming. This week, we’re helping cavemen cross chasms, breaking out of jail with a buddy, and racing in the 22nd century. (more…)

Under The Radar: May 24, 2012


There are far too many games coming out on the App Store every day for us to review all of them fully. So, we have to pick and choose which games we’re going to cover. These five games made the cut because there’s something special about them– they’re independently developed, have a high level of polish, and feature a promising character or concept. Read on for this week’s Under The Radar indie picks. (more…)

Under The Radar: May 17, 2012


We receive a ridiculous number of new apps to review every week, and many of them probably aren’t worth your time. But we like to pick out five solid examples of creative new indie games that are worth your time, and feature them in our weekly Under The Radar column. Take a chance on one or more of these unique games, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. (more…)