Under The Radar: October 26, 2012


Every week in our Under The Radar segment, we find five new indie iOS games that you might not have otherwise noticed. We’ve played each of these games enough to know that you’re getting your dollar’s worth, so give them a try if you’re looking for something different. And if you have a suggestion for more indie games, leave us a comment below. (more…)

Under The Radar: October 5, 2012


With hundreds of new iOS games launching every week, we can’t possibly cover all of them. But each week, we try to seek out the best indie games that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you want to support creativity and quality in the App Store, take a few minutes to read about these indie gems and consider picking some up for the weekend. And if you have more indie game suggestions for us, leave a comment below! (more…)

Under The Radar: September 14, 2012


At their iPhone 5 announcement on Wednesday, Apple also announced that there are over 700,000 apps currently on the App Store. That’s a staggering amount of software, so you’re going to need some help in finding the best new games. Every week in Under The Radar, we find the indie gems that get buried under all the shovelware. Click ahead to see what we found this week! (more…)

Under The Radar: September 7, 2012


The App Store is heating up these days, with a new iPhone just around the corner and big brand-name games launching all at once. Amid all the noise, every week we try to find five new indie games that are worth your time and money. This week we go exploring with dwarves, re-fight the Civil War, and search around the house for some peace and quiet. (more…)