Under the Radar: October 4, 2013


So many games come out for iOS on a regular basis that it can be difficult to keep track of them all, let alone review them. In this edition of Under the Radar, I highlight a handful of games from this summer that I enjoyed immensely. Whether it’s because of ingenuity in gameplay, or a great mix of old-school and new, these are games, in no particular order, that captured my attention over the last few months.  Read More →

Under The Radar: February 22, 2013


Big-name games tend to perform well in the App Store, because gamers often gravitate towards known commodities like After Burner Climax or Gun Bros 2. While we love to review popular brands, we’re also looking for the next big thing from the indie iOS development community. Here are our picks for the new indie iOS games that we think really shine.

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Under The Radar: December 14, 2012


You’d need a team of superhuman tech reviewers to keep up with the incredible number of new iOS games launching every week in the App Store. We try our best in Under The Radar, where we pick our favorite new indie games. You can also check out our Year of Indies lists (part 1 and part 2) to see which Under The Radar games received a full review this year.  Read More →

A Year of Indies: The Very Best of Under The Radar, Part 2


Back in April, we took you through a year’s worth of indie iOS games, and there have been many more since then. Every game on this list has been considered for our weekly Under The Radar column, then reviewed in full to give you a complete critique. Here are our picks for the best undiscovered indie iOS games from the latter half of 2012.  Read More →

Under The Radar: Novermber 30, 2012


New iOS games are launching at a faster pace as we approach Christmas, so it’s even more important that we take a moment this week to identify our favorite new hidden gems. Everyone already knows about Baldur’s Gate and GTA Vice City, but what about SiliBili HD, 4NR, and From Cheese? Check out our picks below for the best new indie iOS games.  Read More →

Under The Radar: November 8, 2012


The App Store games section has become divided into two camps– big-name games from established developers, and indie/amateur unknowns. While we cover the big new game launches on Wednesday and review them throughout the week, we try to give a regular shout-out to undiscovered gems that might otherwise pass you by. Here are this week’s Under The Radar picks.  Read More →