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Out Now

Out Now: Chesh by Damian Sommer

Chesh is a game of skill, strategy, luck, and – above all else – randomness.

Random pieces, random movements, and a not-so-random level of challenge await.

• a totally unique gameplay experience every time
• 533 different chesh pieces from 30+ artists
• adjustable board size and number of pieces to set your own level of challenge
• three different game modes: Bullet Chesh, Infinite Chesh, Blitz Chesh
• local, online, and AI multiplayer
• colourblind-friendly

Play against the computer. Play against your friends. Play online. JUST PLAY.


Huge update to Sage Solitaire Released

A huge update to Sage Solitaire was just released. The update includes two new play modes, Vegas Mode and True Grit Mode.

– VEGAS MODE which takes normal Single Deck Sage and adds a persistent bank in-between games and wagering within each game. It’s my take on the way other games do streak-scoring, or daily challenges. This has a lot of similar features that make each game intense and important, but without limiting the number of times you can play in a day, or putting high-scores dramatically out of reach.

– TRUE GRIT MODE is for-real permadeath — none of this wimpy start the game over at 0 stuff. Unlike Vegas mode, in True Grit you can never reset your total bank, and if you go below zero, you can never play the mode again. Of course, it comes with all the leaderboards of normal Vegas mode, just everything is a lot more intense.

Along with the usual assortment of bug fixes and tweaks. If you haven’t played Sage Solitaire, you should look in the mirror and try to figure out where you went wrong in life.

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Out Now

Out Now: Super Sharp from 1Button

Your finger has never been so sharp! Cut with skill to complete the 120 ingenious physics levels of Super Sharp and become a cut master!

Out Now

Out Now: iBomber Winter Warfare from Cobra Mobile

iBomber Winter Warfare, the next stunning chapter of iBomber.

For the first time fly combat missions over the British Isles and the vast Eastern/Baltic Fronts.

Pilot the legendary Junkers JU88 and Tupolev TU-2 combat bombers as you undertake the most dangerous Search & Destroy missions to date.

Uncover the enemy fortress and take out the airbase! Hunt down the escaping enemy convoys, cruisers and submarines. Engage and overwhelm enemy battleships. Destroy vital enemy supply lines, bridges, naval bases and radar outposts.

Every mission brings thrilling action and adventure with stunning explosions, effects and weather which takes you right into the thick of the battle.

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