The New iPad As A Gaming Device


The new iPad is out today, and developers are scrambling to update their games to support the device’s super high resolution display. Some big-name titles have already been updated, like Real Racing 2 HD, Infinity Blade II, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Modern Combat 3, and Flight Control Rocket. I’ve played the games and talked to developers, so let’s have a look at the new iPad as a gaming machine, shall we? (more…)

Friday Slide: Bigger Isn’t Always Better


There’s nothing like losing yourself in a major blockbuster game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC. These multi-million dollar productions do everything they can to immerse you in their world, which usually means offering up enough content to keep you busy for dozens of hours. But with huge games like Skyrim or Batman Arkham City, I generally don’t have the time or desire to get every achievement and experience every byte of content in the game. In iOS games, however, it’s a different story. (more…)

Friday Slide: Attack of the Clones


Everyone knows stealing is wrong. But in game development, stealing can be a slippery concept. There’s a difference between a developer taking inspiration from another game and outright copying it. Inspiration actually pushes the medium forward. If no one making games used ideas found in other titles, the creative well would have run dry long ago, and we’d all be stuck playing Pong and Asteroids our whole lives. It’s bleak. (more…)

Friday Slide: Is Infinity Blade Unethical?


In a recent blog post on Gamasutra, Adam Saltsman, the creator of Canabalt and Gravity Hook HD, said that many iOS developers are churning out unethical games. He says these games manipulate players into spending more money, or into continuing to play after a weak gameplay mechanic has run its course. What games is he talking about? Infinity Blade and Jetpack Joyride, for starters. (more…)

Does Keiji Inafune Get iOS Gaming?


Comcept/Intercept founder Keiji Inafune is one of the sharpest minds in Japanese game development. Formerly the head of development at Capcom, Inafune has produced dozens of games, including extensive work on the Mega Man and Resident Evil series. Like many fans of Japanese games, I hold Inafune in the highest regard, so it was disappointing to see his recent comments on mobile gaming. (more…)