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Nun Attack Is Now Free

Feeling a teensy bit sacrilegious? Frima’s tongue-in-cheek shooting game, Nun Attack, is now free to download. It usually goes for $0.99.

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Bouncy Bits

Thanks to Crossy Road (or possibly Minecraft, come to think of it), blocky games are all the rage now. This one is about bouncing through a colorful world, and Lonnie takes it for a spin. Watch to see how it plays (hint: it’s really hard).

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Reviews via Gamezebo:

Bears vs. Art Review: A Real Charmer

Art lovers have built a museum in a forest, and one of the forest’s citizens is not happy about the intrusion. In this game, you play as a bear who’s main goal is to thrash his way through the rooms of a museum, destroying all of the artwork he can along the way. From Gamezebo’s review:

These few cracks don’t affect the canvas as a whole, though. Bears vs. Art is a charming, polished, and lovable addition to Halfbrick’s oeuvre. If hung in a gallery, it would definitely be worthy of slamming with your body and tearing into beautiful bear confetti.

Via Gamezebo


Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is On Sale for $4.99

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition has just had its price cut in half. It’s currently selling for $4.99 instead of $9.99, so if you’re in the market for a classic computer RPG, now’s the time to bite.

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