Opinion: The Worst Company In America, Again


For the second year in a row, angry gamers have voted Electronic Arts as the worst company in America on the consumer advocate blog, The Consumerist. At Slide To Play, we are dedicated to protecting the interests of gamers from companies that would sell them shoddy products, excessive in-app purchases, and cumbersome digital rights management. But once again, we must urge The Consumerist and its voters to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.


Opinion: Burning Video Games For Any Reason is a Really Bad Idea


It feels crass to talk about video games while we’re still standing in the shadow of the Sandy Hook massacre. Frankly, it is crass to jaw about games while families still mourn for their children. But humans are gifted/cursed with the ability to analyze tragedies and ask, ‘How can we prevent this from happening again?’ One town in Connecticut has seemingly decided that one solution involves the application of fire to video games. Sometimes you just need to stand up and say ‘Now hold on a minute,’ regardless of context. (more…)

Official PokeDex App Hits iOS: More Nintendo Franchises to Follow?


Don’t you hate it when you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you’re just dying to find out what level Herdier learns ‘Crunch’ at?* Your troubles are over. Thanks to the Pokemon Company, you can now download an official Unova PokeDex to your iOS device. For several years now, Nintendo fans and investors have been prodding the Big N to develop for iOS. Is this PokeDex app a sign that the company is caving to demands? (more…)

Opinion: Why Molyneux is Wrong About Games Failing to Become a True Entertainment Platform


Game developer Peter Molyneux recently said something interesting, as Peter Molyneux is wont to do. At the Montreal International Game Summit earlier this week, he talked about the enormous success of 22Cans’ new app, Curiosity, but more intriguingly, he suggested that games have failed to become ‘another true entertainment form.’ (more…)

Nintendo Go Mobile Site Offers Detailed Pitches for Mobile Nintendo Games


‘Nintendo needs to go mobile!’ is an opinion that invariably drums up an Internet war wherever it’s expressed. While Nintendo’s investors would love to see the company surrender its IP to iOS devices, fan opinion tends to be split. However, one anonymous fan has gone beyond uttering the usual plea for a Mario game on the iPad. He or she has set up a webpage and Facebook campaign titled ‘Nintendo Go Mobile’ that comes complete with game ideas. (more…)

Mega Man Returns to iOS with Rockman Xover


Mega Man (‘Rockman’ in Japan) has had a rough time of things over the past year thanks to major game cancellations and general mistreatment at the hands of Capcom Japan. Fans have wondered (somewhat vocally) if the Blue Bomber has pilfered from his last Robot Master, but it seems that’s not the case. The Mega Man franchise is back (in iOS form) with ‘Rockman Xover,’ a social RPG coming to Japan later this Fall. (more…)

Rising Costs of iPhone Game Promotion Worries Developers


With its high user base and low development costs, Apple’s App Store has been hailed as a great jumping-off point for indie studios. Unfortunately, as the big guys muscle their way into the hyper-popular mobile market and advertising costs go through the roof, small game developers are worried that they’re going to wither and die in the shadow. It’s a legitimate concern, and one that might cause the booming indie scene to sicken if costs don’t come down. (more…)

How Game Developers and Publishers Can Learn to Love Each Other


For a small game developer who’s trying to make a living off his or her work, getting the game completed is only part of the long quest for a profit. The hardest part, some devs would argue, is getting noticed in an increasingly-crowded market. The trick, according to one indie dev, is to cater to a niche–and to avoid pressure from publishers that try and make you do otherwise. (more…)

Opinion: A Skeptical Look at Kickstarter


Over the past few months, a fascinating conversation has taken place about Kickstarter’s potential to reshape how games are funded. There some important reasons why you should care and share your voice. Game developers are collecting millions of dollars on Kickstarter, but shouldn’t we be cautious when sending our money to fund an incredibly ambitious project with a distant delivery date? (more…)