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    New App A Day: Cover Orange HD

    We love physics puzzle games, which is why Angry Birds and Cut The Rope have earned themselves a permanent place on our iDevices. But there are no many knockoffs that sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever see an original concept again. Fortunately, Cover Orange HD got the creative juices flowing. (more…)

      New App A Day: iTraceur HD

      Today’s featured app is the iPad version of iTraceur, a platformer inspired by parkour, the art of freerunning over obstacles and shimmying up and down walls. But don’t go deleting your copy of Mirror’s Edge HD quite yet– iTraceur has a ways to go before it can leap over the competition. (more…)


      New App A Day: Ash

      If you grew up on the likes of Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana, then you might want to take a look at Ash, a 16-bit style RPG that just hit the App Store. (more…)

        New App A Day: Demon Hunter – The Return of the Wings

        Today’s featured game, best as we can tell, is another Korean mobile port, and it plays like a cross between Zenonia 2 and the side-scrolling Castlevania games. (more…)