New App A Day: The Secret of Grisly Manor

Not to be confused with The Secret of Bryce Manor, today’s featured app is an adventure game about– you guessed it– exploring a manor that’s full of secrets. As you do, of course, you pick up all kinds of trinkets that can be placed in empty slots found elsewhere in the house. It’s a tried and true adventure game formula, and it’s hard to stop playing once you start. (more…)

New App A Day: The Ball Is Too Fast, The Game Is Too Slow, The Name Is Too Long

Today’s featured app has a title that’s sure to grab attention, if not for its length, then for its tongue-in-cheek gripes about how the game functions. In our estimation, however, the first two complaints in the title are unfounded. The balls do roll fast, but that’s a good thing– it makes for challenging gameplay. As for the second part, the game is very responsive, so it moves as quickly as you can swipe you finger across the screen. They’re right about the name being too long, though– this is a video game title, not a Faulker sentence. (more…)

New App A Day: Bubble Bobble Double

Today’s featured app stars Bubblin and Bobblin, the famous fruit-eating dragons from Bubble Bobble, a series of games that has graced just about every platform in the past 20 years. If you’re old enough, you probably became acquainted with the happy duo in the arcade or NES versions of the original Bubble Bobble, a timeless classic that has now made its way to the iPhone. (more…)