Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement HD iPad Review

Apparently Shakespeare got it wrong. The real story of Hamlet is much stranger and less bloody than his famous iambic pentameter rendition. According to Hamlet the game, here’s what really happens: Claudius and Polonius kill both of Prince Hamlet’s parents and kidnap his girlfriend Ophelia (no matter that she’s Polonius’s daughter). And just when Hamlet is about to exact revenge and save his girlfriend, a time machine rips through the spacetime continuum and squashes the young prince where he stands. And so it falls to you, a time traveler from the future, to finish the job Hamlet wasn’t able to. (more…)

Moral Decay Review

Life was simpler when controllers had two buttons and game worlds came in just two dimensions. Action games like Contra and Ninja Gaiden laid out everything you needed right in front of you. You could even plant a clueless parent in front of a TV, hand them an NES controller, and before you knew it they’d be jumping over pits and shooting up aliens. Since then, controllers have fattened up, their buttons have multiplied, and confusing 3-D game worlds have taken root. Moral Decay tries to bring back the good old days by mimicking the side-scrolling action games of yore. (more…)

The Green Hornet Review

When it comes to movie videogames, developers have the choice to go the G-Force/ Avatar route and make a game that’s compelling on its own, or they can take the Kick-Ass approach and release a steaming pile of refuse and hope the name brand brings in the sales. The Green Hornet for iOS opts for the latter route. And while it’s not as unplayable as Kick-Ass, it is a rushed, clunky, wholly unimaginative cash-in. (more…)