Ant Raid iPad Review

Ant Raid is developer Prank’s first release, but it’s clear they’ve got a bright future. This quirky take on real-time strategy might forgo many of the common elements of the genre, but it makes up for it in play value. Leading groups of ants to victory against mutated snails, bees, and other insect predators is harder than it looks, but it’s certainly worth the effort. (more…)

Avadon: The Black Fortress HD iPad Review

Role-playing games generally fall into one of two camps. There’s the open-ended, real-time Western-style, and the linear, turn-based Eastern-style. Both can be fairly predictable, barring a few changes to the characters, story, or environments. They usually come from big publishing houses, too. Avadon defies all these modern conventions and attempts to be a hybrid breed, which is especially sweet coming from an independent developer. (more…)

Cargo Runners iPad Review

Trouble Brothers Jeff McCord and Stephen Shippert are no strangers to making board games. They’ve been in this business a long time, and know a thing or two about how to make traditional board games just as exciting as modern video games. Cargo Runners is their latest effort at bringing old-school style to the digital era, and while it lacks a single-player component, it’s still one of the best iPad board games on the App Store. (more…)

Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD Review

Now that Com2us has copyrighted the name Tower Defense, we can’t help but wonder what to call the steady stream of games that fall under the umbrella of a genre whose popularity rivals that of angry flung birds. Regardless, the company’s latest– Tower Defense: Lost Earth– is yet another solid entry into the genre that they apparently love so much they bought the name for. There’s no reinvention of the proverbial wheel here, but for fans of setting up stationary defense structures, this is a very solid buy. (more…)

Final Fantasy III for iPad Review

It makes sense that developers would want to upgrade their current iPhone games to the bigger screen of an iPad. So, it’s not surprising to see Square Enix release a slightly upgraded version of Final Fantasy III. What’s surprising is that they’ve released the game as a separate iPad-only title instead of upgrading the previous iPhone version to be a universal app. Oh, and it costs a dollar more. (more…)