Michael Jackson The Experience HD iPad Review

On consoles, Michael Jackson The Experience is a game that makes you get on your feet and dance. Obviously, this wouldn’t work on an iPad– nobody wants to fling their $500 device around at high velocities– so the developers have turned it into a music/rhythm game on iOS. So, instead of trying to mimic slick dance steps with your whole body, you can lean back on the couch and tap the screen to make MJ grab his crotch and do the moonwalk. (more…)

Eve of Impact Review

Some games have a very limited scope, and that’s actually okay. Case in point is Eve of Impact. Essentially a mix of classic arcade shooters Missile Command and Asteroids, Eve of Impact isn’t deep or complex, and there’s no variety. The game offers one game mode with the sole objective of surviving as long as possible to earn as high a score as possible. (more…)

Aquaria iPad Review

Originally released as an indie PC game, Aquaria feels wonderfully at home on the iPad. This is a beautiful and evocative 2D adventure that comfortably bears comparison to Nintendo’s venerable Metroid series. Thanks to intelligently ported controls and great use of the iPad’s screen and hardware, Aquaria feels as if it were meant for tablets. (more…)

Hector Ep3 HD – Beyond Reasonable Doom Review

Many adventure games are the tranquil counterpart to action games– they require no twitchy reflexes or precision timing, and the only time you’ll see a “game over” screen is when the credits start to roll. With the threat of danger removed, adventure games like Hector: Ep 3 begin to feel more like interactive movies than videogames. If you prefer this less hectic style of gaming, Hector is among the best. (more…)

Updated: Crimson: Steam Pirates iPad Review

The high-quality, high-seas iPad strategy game Crimson: Steam Pirates is now available for the iPhone! The iPhone version, which you can download here, costs $1 and includes the first two chapters. A third chapter is also available for an extra dollar. While we wish the iPhone version was free to play as well, we’re glad that more people can now try the game.  Read More →

Hector Ep2 HD – Senseless Acts of Justice Review

After a strong debut last year, a second episode of the brand-new adventure series Hector: Badge of Carnage has finally hit the App Store. Inspired by classic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island, as well as over-the-top police parodies like Hot Fuzz, Hector Episode 2 is a fantastic game for anyone who loves their puzzles with a barbeque-stained helping of humor. (more…)

Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad Review

Next to Sid Meier’s Civilization, there are few PC games with as much affectionate nostalgia attached to them as Sid Meier’s Pirates! Mixing the legendary designer’s penchant for surprisingly deep, yet playable, strategy with adventure gaming, he created a pirate-themed game that has lived on long after its initial release in 1987 on the Commodore 64. Pirates! has hit more platforms than we can remember, but now it’s on your iPad. (more…)

Pocket RPG iPad Review

To call Crescent Moon Games’ latest, Pocket RPG, an actual role-playing game would require a very loose definition for the genre. While there are some minor RPG-like elements, the game is really just a fast-paced, twin-stick arcade game. The focus is almost solely on taking down hordes of monsters in a quest for gold and glory. Calling it ‘Pocket’ is also a bit misleading, as the game is currently an iPad-only title, so we can only assume the developers wear pants with really huge pockets. (more…)