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    Slide To Play Q and A: X-Com: Enemy Unknown

    We always like to see big console games make the leap to mobile platforms, especially if the entire experience can stay intact. Jake Solomon, lead designer for X-Com: Enemy Unknown, talked to us about porting the game to iOS without losing the emotional impact and deep strategy that made the game a success on consoles.


      STP Q and A: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

      One of the year’s most highly-anticipated iOS games is Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, an iPad port of the 1998 PC RPG. It launches in the App Store later this week, so we asked Trent Oster, Creative Director of Overhaul Games, about the biggest changes and improvements, from the core system to the touchscreen controls and new content. (more…)

        Slide To Play Q and A: Bladeslinger

        It’s been a long time since we last spoke with the makers of the gorgeous Western action game Bladeslinger, and a lot has happened in the interim. With the world-wide release of the game nearing, we got in touch with Kerosene Games founder Brett Seyler to talk about what changes they’ve made to the game over the past year, and what players can expect when it hits the App Store. (more…)

          Carmageddon Hands-On Preview with Video

          To help raise additional funding for the development of Carmageddon: Reincarnation, the Stainless Games team has been hard at work porting the original Carmageddon to iOS devices. With this ‘fun-sized’ version just weeks away from release, we went down to the Eurogamer Expo to check out how well the ‘˜97 PC classic transitions to mobile platforms. (more…)