Slide To Play Q and A: Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 1


Irish animation studio Straandlooper is making their iPhone debut soon with Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 1 “We Negotiate With Terrorists”. Hector is a comedic adventure game that looks to push the boundaries of good taste (the series was originally titled Hector: Fat Arse of the Law). We spoke to Hector creator Dean Burke about what to expect from the series. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Pocket Legends for iPad

One of the more intriguing iPad launch titles has been Pocket Legends, a 3D MMORPG that aims to become Apple’s World of Warcraft. Instead of a gigantic overworld, Pocket Legends takes place in a series of smaller “instances” and will allow for online play over Edge, 3G, and Wi-Fi. We spoke with Creative Director and Spacetime Studios VP Cinco Barnes about Pocket Legends, and what sets it apart from other games on the system. (more…)

Slide to Play Q and A: John Carmack talks Doom


John Carmack has never been shy about from speaking his mind. The influential developer spoke to us about id Mobile’s latest iPhone release, Doom Classic. We also chatted about id Mobile’s iPhone strategy, John’s personal relationship with Apple, and the next set of games they’re developing for 2010. In Part 1 of our interview, it’s all about Doom. (more…)

Volkswagen GTI Offers Free Real Racing Game

At a press event in New York City last Wednesday night, Volkswagen announced that the new GTI would be the first automobile launching exclusively through a mobile platform, more specifically though the iPhone game Real Racing GTI. This marks the first time an automotive company has ever launched a product solely through a free video game, with no other advertising. (more…)

STP Interview: Gameloft’s Michel Guillemot


Gameloft rates as one of the top publishers on the App Store along practically every metric. The Paris-based firm has dozens of iPhone titles on sale–which have produced beaucoup bucks for its bottom line–and many of its games have been hits with the critics as well, such as Terminator Salvation and Siberian Strike.

Gameloft produces games for many other casual platforms as well (including feature phones, Android, the Nintendo DSi, and Xbox Live Arcade, to name a few), but the iPhone seems to be one of its most important outlets. We sat down with Gameloft’s President and CEO, Michel Guillemot, to learn about the company’s reaction to Apple’s WWDC announcements, as well as its ongoing plans for the platform. (more…)

GDC 2009: Interview With ngmoco’s Neil Young

By the time we finally got to sit down with him for a chat yesterday, ngmoco’s Neil Young was completely exhausted. Since his keynote address at GDC Mobile on Monday, he’d been giving one interview after another. As the public face of the hottest publisher on the hottest gaming platform on the planet, such is Young’s fate. But he’s not complaining, mind you. (more…)