Slide To Play Q and A: Epoch


The folks at Uppercut Games released a gorgeous trailer last week for a game they’re working on called Epoch. We had never heard of Uppercut Games, but based on the video it was clear they had some serious game-making chops. So we got in touch with Ed Orman and Andrew James, the founders of Uppercut Games, and picked their brains about their upcoming title. (more…)

Women in Gaming: An Interview With Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch


If you’re a female gamer, there’s reason to celebrate. A recent study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association found that women constitute 40% of the total gamer population, and this number is sure to increase over time. Although there are numerous stereotypes regarding the typical female gamer, female gamers take interest in a wide variety of games ranging from the more “masculine” shooters to strategy games, casual games, and puzzles. If we were asked to profile a female gamer, we would say we could not, since her interests vary tremendously. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Egg Ball Studios


At a recent meeting with Bulkypix, we were especially impressed by the concept art for two games coming later this year from indie studio Egg Ball. One is a freemium, pirates-themed social game (which sounds similar to Lil’ Pirates), and the other is a musically inspired platformer set in New Orleans in the early 1900s. We spoke to Julien Victor, the CEO of Egg Ball, along with Nicolas Badoux, lead game designer, and Louis Lim, art director, to find out more about these interesting projects. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Dead Space


With Dead Space buzz reaching a fever pitch as the release date nears for Dead Space 2 and Dead Space for iOS, we caught up with the lead designer of the iOS version, Jarrad Trudgen, to discuss the upcoming game. He wanted to keep our discussion of the storyline as spoiler-free as possible, but he elaborated on everything from weapons and upgrades to what devices you’ll be able to play the game on when it comes out on January 25. Read on for the gory details. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: ChuChu Rocket

Last month, long-time Sega fans had their dreams come true when the Dreamcast classic ChuChu Rocket made its way to the iPhone and iPad. We thought the App Store version held up extremely well in our review, so we wanted to follow up with Binary Hammer, the developers of the port, and find out how it was done. Here’s what Bob Koon, President and Tech Director of Binary Hammer, had to say. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Halfbrick Studios

Halfbrick Studios is quickly becoming one of the App Store’s biggest success stories. Their breakout hit Fruit Ninja is sitting pretty at about 1.6 million downloads and was recently featured in an Apple iPad advertisement, while their new release Monster Dash is running up the charts. We spoke to Marketing Manager Phil Larsen about the company’s origins, how they came up with the idea for Fruit Ninja, and what’s next for Halfbrick. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Solomon’s Keep

Solomon’s Keep, a twin-stick dungeon crawler, pleasantly surprised us with its addictive and streamlined take on a classic genre. We got in touch with John Raptis, the creator of the game and head of his own independent game publisher, Raptisoft. We asked him about being a small developer, the making of Solomon’s Keep, and got few hints about what might be in store for his next game. (more…)