STP Q and A: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition


One of the year’s most highly-anticipated iOS games is Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, an iPad port of the 1998 PC RPG. It launches in the App Store later this week, so we asked Trent Oster, Creative Director of Overhaul Games, about the biggest changes and improvements, from the core system to the touchscreen controls and new content. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Bladeslinger


It’s been a long time since we last spoke with the makers of the gorgeous Western action game Bladeslinger, and a lot has happened in the interim. With the world-wide release of the game nearing, we got in touch with Kerosene Games founder Brett Seyler to talk about what changes they’ve made to the game over the past year, and what players can expect when it hits the App Store. (more…)

STP TV Chillingo Interview


Every week, EA-owned iOS publisher Chillingo releases two or three new games onto the App Store. They range from kid-friendly fare like Sly Fox and Happy Squirrels to more mature action-RPGs like Orc: Vengeance. At last week’s EA Summer Showcase, we spoke to Chillingo’s Levi Buchanan (a former mobile games reviewer himself) about Chillingo’s overall strategy, and how he sees the state of the App Store marketplace. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: rComplex

When we first saw rComplex, we thought it looked like a stylish auto-runner. Then we played it right when it came out, and the game’s performance left something to be desired. The development team heard players’ cries, and quickly pushed out an update that improved the experience quite a bit. But they’re not done with the game yet. We caught up with Igor Raffaele, the general manager of InterWave Studios, to talk about the future of this gorgeous running game. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: MotoHeroz

We had a lot of great things to say about MotoHeroz when it launched last week, which isn’t surprising, seeing as it comes from the same studio that made games as diverse and well-received as 1000 Heroz and the DrawRace series. We caught up with Pekka Kupiainen, the head of the mobile division at RedLynx Games, to see what they have in store for iOS gamers in the future. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Forgotten Memories


Survival horror games aren’t as common on the iPhone as chirpy, colorful physics puzzlers, but some players prefer the scarier side of the App Store. Later this year, Psychoz Interactive will finally release Forgotten Memories, a Silent Hill-like horror game that’s been in development for years. We spoke to Psychoz director Georges Paz about what’s in store for this freaky-looking iOS game. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Michael Jackson: The Experience for iPad


At a press event in late October, we had a chance to go hands-on with a number of upcoming Ubisoft iOS games. One of the biggest surprises was Michael Jackson: The Experience for iPad, a rhythm game with some of the most realistic dancing animation and music video visuals we’ve seen in an iOS game. We spoke with Nathanial Tam, designer for MJ: The Experience, about what to expect when the game launches this Thursday for $4.99. (more…)

Slide To Play Q and A: Jazz


Earlier this year, we chatted with Egg Ball, the indie team behind A Moon For The Sky and Patchworld, about their company’s style and background. We thought it was time to check in with them for an update on Jazz, a unique platformer with music/rhythm elements set in 1920s New Orleans and co-developed by Bulkypix. Here’s what Egg Ball CEO Julien Victor, directors Nicolas Badoux and Louis Lim, and designer Simon Abitan had to say about Jazz. (more…)