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Out Now: Chalkboard Pinball Creator

Chalkboard Pinball Creator is not your ordinary pinball game. You can actually draw your own pinball machines on the chalkboard, and then play them! Share your creations with your friends, and there’s even a multiplayer mode where you can play simultaneously with up to 4 other players!


The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening DX Adds Items to Flappy Bird Formula

Another day, another Flappy Bird clone. However, The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening DX has something a little different on tap. There’s the parody element, of course, but players also get to select a potentially life-saving item with every few gates they clear. According to Touch Arcade, it’s a strangely compelling experience.

The fairy in a bottle allows you to survive hitting one gate, the Windwaker wand flips gravity, and the Ocarina gives you a button on the side of the screen you can hit to play it. There’s a bunch of other items, and I’m at a loss as to what most of them even do.

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Interesting via Gamezebo:

Video Combines Marvel With Crossy Road for Great Results

Why did The Hulk cross the road? Because nobody was going to tell him he couldn’t. A clever parody video crosses the antics of Marvel’s best with the endless road-hopping action of Crossy Road. One thing’s for sure: When you’re huge, green, and capable of stopping trains with your pinkie finger, you don’t need to bother with crosswalks.

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Out Now via Pocket Gamer:

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 Now on Android

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 lets you goof around with 60 Disney-brand characters (including Marvel heroes) in a sandbox environment. iOS devices have been in on the funĀ for some time now, but now Android users can finally join in via a free app download on Google Play.

Via Pocket Gamer

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