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Previews via Touch Arcade:

Games Workshop’s Dark Future Board Game Coming to Mobile

If Mad Max: Fury Road got your blood pumping for some more apocalyptic car-on-car action, you’re in luck. Auroch Digital is working on a digital version of Games Workshop’s Dark Future miniatures-based board game. It’s called Dark Future: Blood Red States, and it’s coming to mobile later this year.

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Reviews via 148Apps:

Mr. Muscle Review: Decent for a Quickie

If you like one-touch games and olde timey muscular men with mustaches, you’ll probably dig Mr. Muscle. 148Apps gave it a try and came away mostly pleased. From the 4 out of 5 star review:

Mr. Muscle is a straightforward one-tap game where the goal is to last as long as possible. Sound familiar? In this instance, a bar bounces back and forth across the screen – and by extension, across a dotted line. When you tap the screen, the moving bar will split across that dotted line and each section will be absorbed into the weight on their respective sides. If you tap in the center this isn’t really a problem, but if you aren’t careful you can thrown the titular weightlifter out of balance.

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Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Snake Rewind

The makers of Snake have come out with Snake Rewind, so Lonnie decided to try it out to see if it’s any good. Watch the video above to find out for yourself.

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Reviews via 148Apps:

Sword of Xolan Review: Pixelriffic

148Apps has taken Sword of Xolan for a swing and came away quite pleased. From their 4 out of 5 star review:

Sword of Xolan follows a similar structure to other mobile platformers from developers like Ravenous Games. It’s broken up into two different modes – Adventure and Challenge – with the former itself being broken up into three acts. And each act is made up of several platforming levels and a final boss fight. You can simply blitz through everything in a rush to the end, but stages are really meant to be replayed.

Via 148Apps

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