Armello Hands-On Preview


Armello is the video game version of a board game, but you won’t find the board game on store shelves. That’s because it doesn’t exist. Developer League of Geeks knew they wanted to make a strategy game for iOS and other platforms, but they wanted to make sure the game mechanics were solid before they started programming. (more…)

House of the Dead Overkill – The Lost Reels Hands-On Preview


If you’ve played a House of the Dead game before, consider yourself equipped to take on the zombies that hunt you in the upcoming House of the Dead Overkill – The Lost Reels. It’s an on-rails shooter that’s made up of levels from the Wii and PlayStation 3 versions of House of the Dead: Overkill, and it offers exactly what we’ve come to expect fomr the series– lots of zombie violence. (more…)

Sonic The Hedgehog To Receive Major App Update


Back in 2009, Sega began releasing Sega Genesis games for the iPhone. And what better mascot to inaugurate the (at the time) speedy iPhone 3GS than Sonic the Hedgehog? As you can see from our review, we thought Sonic 1 was a bomb, due to the sluggish frame rate and unnecessary onscreen controls. Nearly four years later, Sega is finally rectifying the situation with an update that makes Sonic the Hedgehog a worthwhile port.


Fish Out of Water Hands-On Preview


It’s been over a year since Halfbrick has released a new game on the App Store. Instead, they’ve expanded their blockbuster hit Fruit Ninja to arcades, home consoles, board games, plush toys, and more. Halfbrick’s next game Fish Out of Water, just announced at GDC, also has the potential to become a hit, due to its enjoyable art style, and extremely easy pick-up-and-fling mechanics.