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    Tetris Blitz Hands-On Preview

    At GDC last week, we had a chance to go hands-on with the first free Tetris game for iOS, Tetris Blitz. Similar to other Blitz games like Bejeweled Blitz and Solitaire Blitz, Tetris Blitz will let you play for a limited amount of time in order to reach a high score that you can brag about on Facebook.


      Trolls vs. Vikings Hands-On Preview with Video

      The developers of Trolls vs. Vikings don’t make any excuses about the game’s resemblance to Plants vs. Zombies. They look at PopCap’s modern classic as the start of a new sub-genre of tower defense games. To them, Trolls vs. Vikings simply fits in that genre. We’ll have to wait until it comes out to judge, but our main concern is whether or not Trolls vs. Vikings adds enough of its own to make it worth playing. (more…)

        Ultima Forever Hands-On Preview

        Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar takes place 21 years after the events of Ultima IV. Thankfully (for younger gamers, anyway), you don’t need to be familiar the 1985 classic to be sucked into the world of Britainnia in the upcoming iOS game. (more…)

          Hands-On with Upcoming Games from Crescent Moon and Forest Moon

          We’ve already previewed Exiles: Far Colony and Siegecraft TD, but Crescent Moon/Forest Moon also showed us a number of other games they’re publishing in the coming months. Read on for the goods. (more…)