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News via Pocket Tactics:

Keep Holding Your Breath for Armello — out March 2016

We’ve been waiting on the amazing looking Armello for three years. I first went hands on with it in 2013. But looks like the tablet version is still a ways off. Developer League of Geeks has announced that it won’t be out on tablets until March 2016 — nearly a year away still.

Via Pocket Tactics


Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper is Now Free

As of September 28, Sega will no longer support Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper. So they’ve made it free and disabled in-app purchase. It used to be $9.99, so it’s quite a deal. Plus, you don’t need to use the IAP to enjoy or complete the game. So grab it and play it. It’s free.

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The Lego Movie Video Game is On Sale for $0.99

Everything is awesome, so why not save a few¬†bucks and grab The Lego Movie Video Game for $0.99 rather than its usual $4.99? If you like Lego games (which is to say, “if you like fun”) you might as well grab it while it’s cheap.

Out Now via Touch Arcade:

Out Now: Red Game Without a Great Name

iFun4All has released the horribly named great game ‘Red Game Without a Great Name’ on the App Store today.

The mechanical bird is flying through an unfriendly, Steampunk world. Help it avoid obstacles and deadly traps using its teleportation ability while picking up power-ups. Grab as many gears as you can to fully clear the level.

The mechanical bird is a messenger carrying a secret message through a dangerous land in a Steampunk world that is very unfriendly to its inhabitants. Help him get through 60 levels full of deadly traps. Be wary of barbed wire, spikes, and moving objects, like windmill blades.

Via Touch Arcade

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