Big Win Hockey Hands-On Preview


Like more and more developers these days, Hothead Games– the maker of Jaws Revenge, Sea Stars, and Bunny the Zombie Slayer– has decided to focus their efforts on freemium games for the foreseeable future. Their most recent title to hit the App Store was Big Win Soccer, a freemium card-based soccer game that should appeal to anyone, soccer fan or not. Their next title will be another entry in the Big Win Sports series, and it’s called Big Win Hockey. (more…)

Total War Battles: Shogun Hands-On Preview


Last week at GDC we went hands-on with Sega’s upcoming Total War Battles: Shogun, an impressive-looking real-time strategy game for iOS. PC gamers may already be familiar with the Total War series, but this is a whole new game, with all original levels, and it was built entirely for touchscreen devices. As far as RTSs on iOS go, this one looks like a serious contender. (more…)

MacGuffin’s Curse Hands-On Preview


At last week’s GDC, we received a hands-on demo of a unique puzzle/ adventure game hybrid from Brawsome and Ayopa called MacGuffin’s Curse. In it, you play as a down-on-his-luck magician named MacGuffin who tries to steal an amulet from a museum, only to have it turn him into a werewolf. Lycanthropy has its advantages, though, like freakish strength, perfect for pushing around heavy machinery as MacGuffin tries to make his escape. (more…)

The Act Hands-On Preview


Watch the trailer below, and it won’t come as any surprise that The Act is more of a cartoon than a game. While you do have control over what happens onscreen, your input is limited to left and right swiping gestures that urge your character to do whatever he wants to accomplish in each scene. It’s like the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair, but it doesn’t rely on twitch reactions (and, one would hope, includes fewer deaths). (more…)

Skyfall Hands-On Preview


Skyfall, an upcoming game from Ngmoco, is one of the more interesting attempts we’ve seen to bring a full-fledged RPG experience to a mobile device. It has most of the basic ingredients of a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest– exploration, a clever fighting system, towns, loot drops, inventories, leveling up, and dungeons– but they’re packaged in such a way that you can experience them in short play sessions. (more…)

DragonCraft and Dreamtopia Hands-On Previews


We met with Ngmoco at GDC and got a look at two of their biggest upcoming games. One offers a deep experience set in a steam punk/medieval fantasy world, while the other is geared toward the ever-expanding casual gaming crowd. Both games use a freemium pay model, so you don’t have to pay to play, but you can open your wallet for top-notch gear or to speed up in-game processes. Read on for details. (more…)