Slide To Play Podcast 84: STP and 148 Apps Report from GDC 2011


In this week’s podcast, we report live from the Game Developer Conference in the immediate afterglow of the iPad 2 announcement. Chris and Andrew from Slide To Play are joined by Jeff Scott and Rob LeFebvre from 148 Apps to chat about the iPad 2 and the coolest games we’ve seen at the conference. Read on for links and show notes. (more…)

Updated: Smuggle Truck Hands-On Preview


Smuggle Truck will be released tonight, but not in the form we played at GDC this year. Instead, it’s been renamed “Snuggle Truck” to make it through Apple’s approval process. Instead of Mexican immigrants, the game now stars a cast of cuddly stuffed animals trying to cross into a zoo. No matter the theme, the game is still a lot of fun, so look for this one when it hits the App Store at 8pm PST.  Read More →