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    GDC 2009: Freeballin’ Hands-On

    We quickly set up shop and grabbed some video of IUGO’s new pinball game Freeballin’ while at the iPhone Game Developer’s Union party on Thursday night. It’s looking good! (more…)

      GDC 2009: Interview With ngmoco’s Neil Young

      By the time we finally got to sit down with him for a chat yesterday, ngmoco’s Neil Young was completely exhausted. Since his keynote address at GDC Mobile on Monday, he’d been giving one interview after another. As the public face of the hottest publisher on the hottest gaming platform on the planet, such is Young’s fate. But he’s not complaining, mind you. (more…)

        GDC 2009: SK8 Half Pipe Hands-On

        Those excited by the Southern California skate scene, and the punky reggae music that goes with it, should keep an eye on iCompany’s SK8 Half Pipe, which we briefly played yesterday at GDC. (more…)