GDC 2009: Interview With ngmoco’s Neil Young

By the time we finally got to sit down with him for a chat yesterday, ngmoco’s Neil Young was completely exhausted. Since his keynote address at GDC Mobile on Monday, he’d been giving one interview after another. As the public face of the hottest publisher on the hottest gaming platform on the planet, such is Young’s fate. But he’s not complaining, mind you. (more…)

GDC 2009: Dexter The Game Hands-On

The oft-gruesome drama Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall as “mission-oriented” serial killer Dexter Morgan, has garnered a following over the last couple years, and was recently re-upped by Showtime for its fourth and fifth seasons. Marc Ecko Entertainment has been working on the series’ iPhone adaptation for about nine months now, and was ready to show the game off to us at GDC. (more…)

GDC 2009: iZombie, Redneck Fishin’, Alice In Bomberland, Games That Blow

We shared a table with execs from NYC-based Sonic Boom to scope out the mobile publisher’s first iPhone games, which are due out in the next couple of months. The company has a nice range of themes going for its new apps, which are built around such disparate subjects as bloodthirsty undead, toothless yokels, and the surreal fantasies of Lewis Carroll. (more…)