Game of the Month, August 2010: Dodonpachi Resurrection

August wasn’t an outstanding month for iPhone games, with only a few games receiving a Must Have rating like Monorace and R-Type. Spider-Man got a 4, but it was officially released on Sept 1, so we’ll consider it next month. Meanwhile, our Game of the Month is a shooter so intense, you’ll break a sweat on the first level. (more…)

iPhone Game of the Month, June 2010: Super Quickhook

It’s been a solid month for iPhone gaming with gems like The Package, Pix’n Love Rush, and Carcassonne, and based on our previews from WWDC and E3, it’s going to get even better as the year goes on. But in June, one game was good enough to keep us entertained while waiting on line for the Nintendo 3DS– a two-hour wait that passed in a flash because we had Super Quickhook on our iPhone. (more…)

Game of the Month, March 2010: Zenonia 2

March saw the release of several great games. Ragdoll Blaster 2 cannonballed us with its cool steampunk aesthetic, and Pool Pro Online 3 wowed us with its thoughtful design, awesome multiplayer, and classy presentation. But two titles stood above all others: Street Fighter IV and Zenonia 2. It was a close call, but Zenonia 2 takes the crown for March. (more…)