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Midnight Star – The Most Anticipated FPS Released for iOS

Midnight Star has quite the first person shooter pedigree. Throw in some amazing writing and that’s the formula for an App Store hit, right? Right???

Well time will tell on that, but what I do know is that Industrial Toys has released a very innovative take on the first person shooter genre on mobile with Midnight Star (App Store, Free).

Instead of trying to replicate a joystick on the screen, Midnight Star uses innovative touch controls to give a better control feel on the flat glass of the iPhone/iPad. It works out pretty well.

Will Midnight Star be the Halo franchise that iOS needs and an App Store hit? Only time will tell. But if that’s something that’s interesting, download the game, play it, and provide feedback to the developers. The months long soft launch this game had shows that they are open to feedback and adjusting the game.


Modern Combat 5 Multiplayer Video

Modern Combat 5, what is surely to be one of the best FPS games on iOS is due out this week. Last week I got a chance to sit down for a couple hours and play multiplayer with Jared from TouchArcade and some fine Gameloft folks.