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Play This!

Play This! Cally’s Caves 3

The Cally’s Caves series has improved considerably with each instalment, and the third entry ranks as one of the best platformers on mobile. It looks good, it sounds great, and most importantly, the game’s controls are sharp and won’t trip you up. There are also tons of weapons to collect and master, which adds a sense of fun and customization that’s unmatched by other mobile platformers.

And, hey! It’s free! Though additional content is available for purchase if you like what’s on tap, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

News via Touch Arcade:

New Trailer for Horizon Chase Features Near-Final Footage

Driving game Horizon Chase should be out later this month, and going by its trailer, it’s a real looker.

The visuals seem to be striking a balance between paying tribute to retro games and keeping something of a modern feel. Three dimensions will likely make this feel better than the two dimensional games.

Via Touch Arcade

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Interesting via Touch Arcade:

The Angry Birds Games Have Always Been Random

Angry Birds 2 has come under fire for randomizing levels, perhaps to keep players from forming any strategies and thus forcing them to try again and again, spending more money in the process. But Jared Nelson from Touch Arcade argues the Angry Birds series has always had an element of randomness to it.

The original Angry Birds games were hilariously random. The physics engine was wonky as hell, and you could fire a bird along the exact same trajectory at the exact same speeds ten different times in a row and end up with ten different outcomes. It was not this exacting puzzle game people seem to remember it as, rather it was a totally random crapshoot.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Battle Golf Review: Bogey

According to Gamezebo’s review, Battle Golf is based on an epic idea, but the execution is just too simplistic.

Unless you’re some sort of automaton, you’re going to get tired of Battle Golf relatively quickly. There is nothing to unlock, nothing to play towards beyond beating your own score, and nothing extra to do beyond removing the ads from the game, which are sadly the only bit of visual variation that you’ll find in Battle Golf.

Via Gamezebo

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