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    Wii U Hands-On Preview

    Every year at E3, we keep ourselves busy with hands-on previews and developer interviews for the latest iOS games. But we always try to make time to check out the latest iOS-like consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Two years ago, we tried out the 3DS to see if 3D mobile gaming would take off, and last year, we put the PSP Vita through its paces. This year, the most iOS-like console at E3 is Nintendo’s Wii U, so we took it for a test drive to see if its touchscreen controller can compare with the best of iPad gaming. (more…)

      E3 2012 Wrap-Up: All of Our Coverage in One Place

      Talk about a big week! iOS was more present than ever at this year’s E3, and we have the stories to prove it. Read on for samples of all of our coverage of the biggest gaming event of the year, with links to the full articles. (more…)

        FIFA 13 Hands-On Preview

        Whether Americans want to acknowledge it or not, the biggest sport in the world is soccer. Whenever EA Sports drops a new FIFA title, it’s a big deal, a worldwide event. Naturally, we were curious to see how FIFA 13 on iOS was coming along. With a Fall release, the development window is closing soon. Check out our impressions from the E3 build shown behind closed doors. (more…)

          Mutant Roadkill Hands-On Preview

          Ever hear of a fun little indie game called Zombie Highway? Well, so has Glu Mobile. Glu is borrowing (okay, outright stealing) this concept and putting their own mark on it, launching it under the name Mutant Roadkill. And while we like the new additions, we can’t help but feel they’re being shameless in repurposing someone else’s good idea. (more…)