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Videos via YouTube:

Cube Jump is Like Crossy Road in Space

If you’re into the whole Frogger/Crossy Road style of gameplay, then you’ll want to check out Cube Jump. It’s actually a lot more perilous than Crossy Road, because each time you jump you risk falling into the darkness of unknown and having to start again from scratch. Check it out in the video above.

Via YouTube

Out Now

Out Now: Doom & Destiny Advanced

The silly RPG Doom & Destiny Advanced has hit the App Store at the surprisingly low price of $0.99. Watch the trailer above, read the description below, and buy it if it sounds like your kind of game.

* 15 hours of brand new comical and ever-expanding storyline!
* Huge world to explore filled with secrets, fun lore and crazy monsters!
* Full freedom of hero’s stats customization at each level up!
* 15 Classes (and more to come!) to change the role of each nerd: from wizard to sorcerer, from thief to cook!
* 22 Cosplays! Change your hero’s outfit!
* Dynamic turn based combat with mid turn reaction and counter attacks!
* 150+ Special Powers!
* 200+ Mean Monsters!
* 500+ Locations!
* 60.000+ Words of Text!
* Online cross-platform PvP and Co-op! Summon your friends’s party to fight with or against them!
* Exploding chickens;
* Nerds never die 😀

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Previews via Pocket Gamer:

Monsters Ate My Metropolis Announced

If you loved Monsters Ate My Condo as much as we did, you’re going to be jazzed to hear that Adult Swim has announced a sequel called Monsters Ate My Metropolis. Only instead of a match-three game, it’s a card battler. From Pocket Gamer:

The Monsters have progressed from eating condos to leveling entire cities, and to do so, you build a deck of powerful attacks, buffs, and other abilities. Each monster has unique perks as well, ranging from increased damage to earning more tokens.

Via Pocket Gamer

Reviews via 148Apps:

Operation Dracula Review: “You’re going to die a lot”

Do you like your shooters to be of the “bullet hell” variety? Do you like swarms of lasers and bullets flocking across the screen as you try madly to dodge them while taking out the enemies? Operation Dracula may be your kind of game. From 148Apps’s 4 out of 5 star review:

Controls are simple though, with you dragging a ship around with your finger, and a double tap on the screen unleashing a special move. As is customary for the genre, the trick here is to learn the patterns of attack and to react accordingly. At times it can be a little frustrating (even on ‘easy’ mode), but OPERATION DRACULA’s over the top colorful nature will endear you towards what’s here.

Don’t expect to complete OPERATION DRACULA any time soon, if ever, but do expect to enjoy the ride.

Via 148Apps

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