Knights Rush Hands-On Preview and Video


You may remember a little game from last year called Knight Onrush from Chillingo. It was a flick-based defense game where you had to pick up and fling waves of knights before they stormed your castle gates. It inspired a sub-genre exclusive to the iPhone: a survival form of castle defense. Now the sequel, Knights Rush, is moving away from the original formula and more towards a Golden Axe-style side-scrolling beat ‘˜em up. (more…)

E3 2010: EA’s Lite Brite, NCAA Football, and RISK


E3 is upon us! The crew here at STP are gearing up and sharpening our blogger skills (drinking whole pots of coffee) to bring you the best coverage from the show floor. EA gave us a bit of a break by offering a few details about their upcoming line-up for E3 in advance, before things get too hectic. Here is just sample of what EA is bringing to the table this year. (more…)