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Reviews via AppSpy:

Chaos Rings III Video Review: Hardcore (and Broken) JRPG Action

According to AppSpy’s review of the game, Chaos Rings III is a fun, sprawling JRPG of epic proportions — but unfortunately, it also seems to suffer from a bug that makes it crash at a specific boss, at least on certain devices.

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Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review – War is Cool

The Geometry Wars go ever on, and according to Touch Arcade’s review of the latest title in the series, that’s not a bad thing in the least.

$4.99 is an utter steal for a game I happily paid $14.99 for. If you love dual-stick shooters, Geometry Wars, heck, games period: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a must-buy. It’s one of my favorite games of recent memory and I’m so happy that it’s on iOS. Buy it.

Via Touch Arcade

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News via Gamezebo:

Zynga is No Longer Making Tiger Woods Golf for Mobile

Zynga has the rights to make a Tiger Woods golf game, but the troubled studio is slimming down its productivity, which means some of its projects — Tiger Woods included — won’t see the light of day as originally planned.

It’s surprising — especially considering nobody else is making a Tiger Woods golf game nowadays — but when seen as part of the bigger picture, it’s a move that’s consistent with Pincus’ new approach. Zynga is focusing on just five genres going forward: Action Strategy, Social Casino, Invest & Express, Casual, and Racing. Sports games simply don’t fit into the new mold.

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Block Fortress Updates With New PvP Mode and More

Block Fortress, the game about building what’s yours and then defending what’s yours, has received a massive update. Version 1.5 includes a new PvP mode, new equipment, and all kinds of fun tweaks and fixes.

What’s New in Version 1.5
Thank you everyone for continuing to play Block Fortress! In this update:

• added a new player vs. player arena mode! Build or download a custom map and compete in epic battles with up to four players using GameCenter!
• added tons of new equipment, including a shrink ray, antigravity gun, jet pack, cloaking device, and more!
• get around your base faster with new zip line blocks!
• expand your view of the battlefield with a new third-person camera
• all character and enemy models look even better now
• added jumping and crouching
• new and improved clouds, sun, moon, and sky graphics
• new plant blocks added to terrain
• you can now enable floating blocks in sandbox mode
• you can now reload a map when placing your barracks to regenerate the terrain
• made it easier to paint blocks the same color as a previously painted block
• you can now rate loaded maps at the end of a multiplayer games
• enabled iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ full screen resolution
• fixed a bug with manually reloading your weapons
• major performance optimizations
• minor bug fixes

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