Cheap Shot: Alice in Bomberland

And you thought Tim Burton was creepy. Alice in Bomberland takes the already nutty stories we’re (mostly) fond of and adds an arsenal of heavy weapons to Wonderland’s seemingly drugged-out citizens. Yes, you know something is amiss when the story opens with the white rabbit carrying a stack of dynamite, and we’re sure your vivid imaginations can already conjure up what sort of dastardly destruction some of the other characters bring to the table (can you guess who uses the baz-hookah?). (more…)

Cheap Shot: Pet Sematary

Hate it or love it, Pet Sematary was a film that has managed to acquire the type of cult status that many horror flicks could only dream of. Conceived of by the demented mind of Stephen King, the story touches on themes of love, loss, desperation, and the consequences of altering the Big Kahuna’s grand plan. This game based on the Pet Sematary lore isn’t the best representation of the classic film, but it’s also not the worst game out there. (more…)

Cheap Shot: Bailout Wars

Rage at the Wall Street bank bailouts has not exactly resulted in torches and pitchforks or riots in the streets, but you wouldn’t know it by the angry mistreatment of fine-suited bankers in games like Squash the Street and Bailout Wars, which depict their violent deaths onscreen. A clone of Knights Onrush but without the level progression, Bailout Wars is not too big to fail. (more…)

Cheap Shot: Swingaling

Scientists have recently discovered a new type of animal in the rainforest: the Swingaling, a cat-like creature with an arm that can stretch to thirty times its body length. Unfortunately, the Swingaling is already an endangered species, because it is so inept that it can’t survive a simple trek through the jungle canopy or avoid numerous predators. (more…)

Cheap Shot: Pop’n Tock

We would have probably called it Bounce ‘n Poke if it had been us, but Pop’n Tock works, too. In this cute arcade game, cheerful round characters fall out of the sky only to ricochet off the ground so you can tap them through gaps in the game world’s walls. Why must we put the creatures in the holes? There is no explanation, and none is really necessary; the little buggers just look so HAPPY about the whole experience– with tiny hearts appearing with their smiles, even. (more…)