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Cheap Shot: The Price is Right 2010

If you ever ran excitedly to the living room to watch The Price is Right with grandma, (or maybe if you are the tech savvy grandma reading this review right now), then you will absolutely love this game. All the Price is Right staples are here: the fabulous, glitzy music, the absolutely genius games and of course, fabulous prizes announced in the most spectacular way. But there’s no Bob Barker and no messages about neutering your pets at the end of every game, sadly. (more…)


Cheap Shot: iMusic Puzzle

In some ways, music could be described as a complex puzzle. Each instrument, sound, and lyric connects together to form a piece of art. I-play took this interpretation much more literally in iMusic Puzzle, however, and it turns out to be surprisingly fun. (more…)


Cheap Shot: Frogger Inferno

Chances are you weren’t expecting much from Konami’s latest entry in the Frogger series. You would be right: Frogger Inferno adds only the slightest twist to the classic arcade game, and the original is still available in a virtually identical package in the App Store. (more…)