Cheap Shot: Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers

No one ever plans to play Solitaire. You don’t rearrange your schedule to squeeze in a session. Generally, you’re sitting at your desk, either bored or procrastinating, and you look up and somehow the program is sitting open on your screen. You don’t remember booting it up, but since it’s open, you suppose you have a few spare minutes for a game or two. It won’t take long, and who knows, you might even win.  Read More →

Cheap Shot: Hippo High Dive

At Slide To Play, we like to be as informed as possible when we write our reviews. To this end we did a little Googling on the illustrious sport of Hippo High Diving. As it turns out, it is not actually a real sport at all! In fact, all we found was a YouTube clip of King Hippo diving down a shark infested waterfall. Unfortunately, the iPhone game Hippo High Dive does not quite live up to the excitement of that clip, and will probably entertain you for about as long.  Read More →

Cheap Shot: Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain!

How is it that Mike Huckabee jumped on the Chuck Norris comedy bandwagon for a political campaign years before a funny Chuck Norris game was ever released? Probably because, in his omniscience, Chuck Norris knew that Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain! would suck. It doesn’t matter what you dress this neutered Double Dragon/ Metal Slug wannabe up in, the gameplay’s still clunky and often unsatisfying. Chuck deserves better.  Read More →

Cheap Shot: Shot Bar

We think it’s safe to say that a bartending game has drawn you in if you find yourself flirting with the game’s bar patrons. We may even have said, “Ok honey, a shot of Jack and a shot of rum, now that’s my kinda girl” out loud while playing this game. But that just illustrates how Shot Bar can use a little music, a couple of liquor bottles and a few drawings of cute girls to make you feel like you’re the Don Juan of the bartending scene. It also makes you feel completely stressed when you’re forgetting what said hot girls ordered and dropping bottles of vodka on the ground.  Read More →

Cheap Shot: Dr. Kerthunk’s Goop

First, a word of warning: if you choose to buy this game, you will never be able to truthfully tell your loved ones what you’re doing on your iPhone. Imagine your significant other asks you what you’re doing. You will have no choice but to respond, “Playing with Dr. Kerthunk’s Goop.” They will then promptly pack their bags, leave you forever, and call you a perv on the way out. Unless they’re into that sort of thing. And if they are, then you should probably leave them.  Read More →