Cheap Shot: Hangman RSS

People keep up on news in a variety of ways. Some get hooked on the 24-hour news channels and become junkies for Anderson Cooper’s charm. Others turn to parody news shows like the Daily Show or Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. Hangman RSS gives you yet another way to keep up on news: guessing. Each round of the game is focused on one or two missing words in a headline that you must fill in. (more…)

Cheap Shot: Puzzle Path

For a game named by Captain Obvious, the execution of Puzzle Path is pretty imaginative. The title pretty much sums up the game, removing any need for marketing mumbo jumbo on the App Store page. In fact, we could just tack on a score and use the words “puzzle path” as our whole review, and you probably wouldn’t feel too cheated. (more…)

Cheap Shot: Blockoban

Trying to complete a difficult level of Blockoban can be about as pleasing to the cranium as getting bashed by a bag of bricks. That’s not to say the game is unfair, it just requires brainpower, and ours feel like mush from playing too many zombie games. Luckily, this puzzler is paced just right, easing you in with 100 free levels that will likely get you hooked. (more…)

Turf Wars Online Review

Let us tell you about the best two week addiction we’ve ever had. It’s called Turf Wars and it’s a crime game that uses Google Maps to let you lay claim to real-world turf, based on where you’re physically located. Want to take over your neighborhood, or be slumlord of your college campus? Now you can, and everyone else playing the game will know it. It’s one of the first in a new genre of games some are calling “augmented reality”. (more…)

Cheap Shot: geoSpark

The appeal and success of Geometry Wars and its sequel on the Xbox 360 are undeniable. Geometry Wars single-handedly helped refine the twin-stick shooter and is easily recognized by its distinct visuals. The iPhone has also shown that it can pull off this type of game, with countless variations hitting the App Store and each doing quite well. In an interesting turnaround, geoSpark copies the look of Geometry Wars while changing the gameplay. (more…)