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Reviews via Touch Arcade:

‘Piloteer’ Review: Up Up and Away

Touch Arcade has reviewed the ragdoll physics game Piloteer and found it to be downright incredible. From their 5 out of 5 star review:

Piloteer [$2.99], the latest “P”-titled game from Fixpoint Productions, seeks to recapture that feeling and shrink it down into a mobile-friendly package. And, I’m happy to report, it pulls it off. It’s absurdly challenging, but incredibly fun once you get the hang of it. Except there’s a good chance you won’t ever fully “get the hang of it”, but don’t worry–that’s actually part of the fun.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

‘Zen Pinball’ to Get an Ant Man Table

Ant Man is hitting theaters on July 17, and if early reviews are any indication, it’s supposed to be quite good. To commemorate the big day, Zen Pinball is getting a table dedicated to the diminutive hero. From Touch Arcade:

With a movie that’s based around a guy who can shrink to tiny sizes, Zen Studios has decided to take initiative to do some new things with their pinball engine. And yes, that includes shrunken pinballs, and some new mini-games that Zen promises aren’t like anything you’ve seen from them before. Sounds curious!

Via Touch Arcade

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‘I, Gladiator’ is Currently Free

Usually $5, the action game based in ancient times I, Gladiator is currently available for less than a song on the App Store. Grab it quickly, before the price goes back up.

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Sonic Runners Review: Flat Tire

According to Touch Arcade’s review, Sonic Runners is fun enough, but aggressive panhandling for in-app purchases really puts a damper on the experience.

The core of Sonic Runners is fine. This game could turn around in the future, because the actual gameplay is fun. They just need to pull back on how utterly aggressive and pushy the current monetization is.

Via Touch Arcade

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