Tag Games Shares Roadmap

Scottish mobile publisher Tag Games has big plans over the next couple months. In addition to releasing two new games, All Stars Quarterback and Car Jack Streets, it will also be adding online multiplayer to All Stars Darts.

According to Tag’s email, All Stars Quarterback is “a casual sports title set in the parking lot behind the All Stars Sports bar,” and “aims to do for (American) football what Flick Fishing has done for fishing!” The game features “a simple ‘˜flick to throw’ control method the game features full 3D visuals, four great characters to choose from and a variety of exciting game options.”

Meanwhile, the publisher is advertising Car Jack Streets as “the closest thing to Grand Theft Auto on your iPhone when it launches early in the new year!” The game is already out on mobiles, and uses an overhead view similar to GTA I and II. “Having run up gambling debts to the mob of over $1 million the player must start repaying the mob boss Frankie $50,000 a week, every week until the debt is cleared or you’re a dead man! Car Jack city is a huge urban environment where opportunities abound, both legal and criminal!” Interestingly, Car Jack Streets runs in real time, meaning that in-game events will be based on your iPhone’s clock and calendar.

Finally, Tag “expects to add WiFi and online multi-player to all games in the All Stars series starting with Darts and Quarterback initially from early in the New Year.”

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