Tablets With Game Apps Detected in Apple HQ

We don’t really need further evidence that Apple’s latest device to be announced at the Jan. 27th event will be the “iSlate” tablet device. But now an independent company is reporting that its software is being used inside Apple headquarters on 50 unknown devices matching the characteristics of a tablet computer.

Analytics company Flurry wrote the news on their website, and it’s some of the first concrete evidence of the long-rumored “iPad.”

What’s more, the company even says that they’ve been able to divine approximately how many apps will be available at the machine’s launch. They estimate that they’ve monitored these devices using about 200 apps, most of which were games.

Of course, we’ll be getting the official story on Wednesday when the veil is finally lifted from one of the most mysterious and elusive products since…well, Apple’s last big reveal.

News that the majority of the monitored Apps have been videogames is certainly intriguing. We’re certainly excited about the possibility for this device to have a large gaming focus.

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