Swing King

Swing King is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Swing King Review

In Swing King you play as a white ball of fluff with a toad for a girlfriend. To kick things off, your lady is kidnapped by a black fluff monster wearing a Slash-like top hat. To get her back, you must fling your furry self through nearly 100 levels, picking up stars and riding a flying unicorn along the way.

By this point it should be obvious that the game aims for a mix of weird and cute, and for the most part it strikes a good balance. But the most important part of any physics-based game is how it plays, and Swing King delivers in this department as well.

Close your eye.

Using the standard drag-to-launch controls made famous by Angry Birds, your job is to slingshot your one-armed fur ball through dangerous levels full of spikes, pits, moving platforms, and flying enemies. Falling means death, and you’re very limited in what you can cling to. Many games in this genre lean toward the “way too easy” end of the spectrum, but Swing King keeps it fairly challenging.

The level variety is solid as well, with new concepts introduced with each set of levels, much like Cut the Rope. You’ll collect power-ups like a sticky hand that lets you plant yourself and swing from anywhere, a boxing glove you can use to break open certain obstacles. Other interactive elements are scattered around, like walls you can knock over to form bridges, and ice cubes that slide when bumped.

A winter wonderland.

Because Swing King plays it safe by staying in territory we’ve seen in other flinging games, it only stumbles occasionally. Sometimes it’s harder than it should be to set up your fling’s trajectory when you need to do it quickly, and the physics can seem a little off, with the occasional unpredictable bounce.

But these are small potatoes. Overall, Swing King looks good, sounds good, and plays fine. And with so many levels (and even creative boss fights) included along the way, there’s not much to complain about unless you’re over the whole genre. If you have room in your life for one more game of physics and flinging, Swing King could be just the ticket.

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