Survey Shows iPad 2012 More Satisfying Than Previous Models

According to a recent survey by ChangeWave Research, owners of the iPad 2012 are more satisfied with their tablet than previous models. In March 2012, the company found that 82 percent of iPad 2012 owners were “very satisfied” with their products, compared to a February 2012 survey that found 74 percent of iPad owners “very satisfied” with their tablets. 75 percent of the iPad 2012 owners surveyed cited the Retina Display screen as the feature they like best. Check out the nifty charts below.

The survey has all sorts of fascinating information on what iPad 2012 owners like and don’t like about their new tablets. I highly suggest checking it out. It’s interesting to see that the vast majority of users haven’t found heat to be an issue. It’s also interesting that a good number of people cite the cost of data plans — something Apple has no control of — as something they dislike.

For all you iPad 2012 owners out there, how satisfied are you with your new tablet?

[Via: ChangeWave Research]

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