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Supermagical Review

Supermagical is about Nina, a young witch who was taken in by a group of good magic users that had to banish Nina’s mischievous sisters away to the Underworld. As she practices new spells, she accidentally casts open a portal to the Underworld, freeing not only her sisters, but also the magic-loving creatures known as Minix. Now it’s up to Nina, with the help of her guardians, to set things right and return the whole lot back from whence they came.

There are a few systems at play here. As you begin your journey as Nina, you find yourself on a map screen, moving to areas where you’ll enter different kinds of sequences. The most common of these is a match-three puzzle game where you must fire spells at an approaching army of Minix. If they get too close, they attack and it’s back to the beginning of the round.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to dealing with these creatures. One involves eliminating a group of Minix behind others. With nothing connecting them directly to the Minix behind them, they panic and run around. They’re eventually zapped back to the Underworld, leaving behind coins, jewels, and soda bottles.

Ride the tiger.

The soda bottles prove especially valuable; as you send the sisters back (more on that in a moment), you free your captured allies, each of whom uses a bottle to command a special attack. These include pushing the wall of Minix back several spaces, eliminating certain key Minix, or all of the Minix of a certain color on screen. However, you can only keep two companions with you at a time.

Elsewhere on the map, you find a fellow who will treat you to a “memory”-styled card matching game to win money and items. The first time you encounter him in a new area is free, but subsequent tries will require the purchase of a game token, and finding two skulls among the cards ends the matching game. The coins you get here can be used in shops which appear across the land as you complete new areas, and are where you can buy candies to change your spells’ color, ingredients for more spells, power-ups, and more, including key items for dealing with the sisters.

The sisters themselves make up another portion of the game. Each has a certain vice, such as eating too much or being greedy or lazy. Before engaging them, you usually need an item which comes into play as you progress through a series of amusingly-characterized dialogue trees. Choose the right answer, and you progress towards sending them back to the Underworld; answer wrong, and you’ll have to deal with a group of Minix, with a loss meaning that you’ll start over with the sister.

Uncle Red ruins another family photo by making a funny face just as the camera goes off.

Supermagical is a fun game, but we have a few small complaints. It feels like the developers tried to pad out the game by forcing you to buy things that wouldn’t necessarily make the game easier, but would make playing it simpler. For instance, it can be difficult to tell where your shots will land– made all the worse in the timed puzzle stages, where one misstep means you might as well restart the stage. Later in the game, there’s an item for that, but you still have to purchase it (and even then, it can still be tough to tell). Another is that while you can look over the map freely, you can only move to an area “next to” where Nina is. As you might find yourself backtracking later, this can be a hassle… but there’s an item for that, too. They aren’t especially cheap, either, which means you may even find yourself needing to grind a little to get them.

Though it feels like they handicapped their own product in order to sell you “fixes” in-game, it’s not all bad. If you lose a battle, not only can you restart immediately without a loss of progress, but you even get back the magic candy and soda you might have used before falling to the Minix.

If you like match-three games and don’t mind a side of adventure, then it’s hard not to recommend Supermagical.

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