Super Mega Worm

Super Mega Worm is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Super Mega Worm Review

Super mega worm leads a simple life. He lives underground in the comfort of cool soil and soothing darkness. He’s got a ravenous appetite, but food is plentiful. Unfortunately for him, he eats surface animals (including humans), and every time he emerges from the dirt he gets shot at by cops and military folks. But that’s life for super mega worm.

You control the worm using either tilt or a slider. We preferred the slider, but even it takes some getting used to. However, the action is so fun that you’ll enjoy it even if precise steering eludes you at first. The worm is incredibly powerful, capable of launching himself out of the ground and into the air, swallowing or destroying everything in his way. Controlling him is almost as satisfying as seeing the people flee in terror.

The people, along with the rest of the game, are drawn in a wonderfully appealing retro style. If there were any hint of realism, this game would be disturbing, but there’s not. The whole game is infused with a great (if twisted) sense of humor that kept us smiling the whole way through. Believe it or not, the main theme of the game is the importance of environmentalism.

Beef and milk in a single serving.

A health meter in the corner of the screen drains steadily, so you always need to be eating to replenish it and stay alive. Staying alive as long as possible is the goal of the game, but of course you’ll die eventually. For some reason the game has no leaderboards, so you won’t be able to see how your killing compares to the rest of the world’s.

We love that as you eat and destroy, you grow longer and gain new powers of destruction. However, we aren’t so crazy about how long it takes to do this. You can even bounce off of trucks and airplanes to bring your murderous appetite into outer space before nosediving back into the ground.

Super Mega Worm’s high level of ridiculousness is its greatest asset. Its lack of leaderboards is a problem, and we wish there was a little more to do in the game, or that the upgrades came quicker. But despite that, we found plenty to love in this game, even if the hero is a hideous man-eating beast.

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New App A Day: Super Mega Worm

Today’s featured app is Super Mega Worm, a high-score game with a monstrous sense of humor. You play as a giant worm that needs to keep a full stomach to stay alive. Anything with a pulse is fair game, including cows, birds, rednecks, cops, and mothers pushing strollers. As you swallow more people, you level up and unlock new abilities, like projectiles that shoot from your mouth.

To control your worm beast, you can use tilt or a slider. We found the slider to work best, but it takes some getting used to. Luckily, the gameplay is satisfying enough to keep you entertained until you master the controls. The awesome retro graphics and audio add to the game’s appeal.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any leaderboards, so you can’t post your high scores for the world to see. Without that, it might be hard to recommend such a simple high-score game at the current price of $2.99. But we had so much fun with it we’re going to suggest you pick it up anyway.