Super Meat Boy Developer Mulling Release for Touch Devices

Team Meat, the developer of the deviously challenging 2D platformer Super Meat Boy, took to Twitter yesterday to say that they’re working on a “prototype” of the game “for touch devices.” They were very clear, however, that if the game happens, it will not be a direct port of the Super Meat Boy that you can play on the PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

Super Meat Boy on PC.

Here is a string of tweets @SuperMeatBoy posted yesterday, explaining more about the prototype they’re working on (warning, it includes some potty language):

1. this prototype will not play like SMB!

2. it will be a re-envisioning of SMB remade from scratch for touch. we aren’t half assing this if it turns out to be fun.

3. if you liked SMB im sure you will enjoy this (if its good enough to continue on 🙂 ) we just had a few cool ideas and wanted a challenge

4. if it turns out it sucks, we will act like it never happened and move on to the next idea 🙂

5. it wont be a simple game like “doodle jump” it will be a larger more traditional game.

6. IT WONT CONTROL LIKE SMB!!! we promise you we wont make a game with shitty touch controls.

So there you have it. What the game might end up looking and playing like, we have no idea. But since we enjoyed Super Meat Boy so much, we have faith that Team Meat won’t release anything that will tarnish their name. We should also point out that their use of the vague phrase “touch devices” doesn’t necessarily mean iOS, although we hope it does.

[Via Shack News]

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