Sudoku 2

Sudoku 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sudoku 2 Review

Fingerarts, the company that made bad news bearable with Guess the News and Hangman RSS, has taken their unique scoring mechanics and applied them to the game of Sudoku. Sudoku 2 manages to take this number-logic game to the next level with OpenFeint high scores.

The scoring system works like this: You have a multiplier that slowly ticks down as you play. Placing a number correctly, or completing a row, column, or square, will net you points that are increased by the multiplier. The faster you finish your Sudoku, the bigger the score you can post on the online leaderboards.

If you make a mistake in placing a number, you get dinged with a strike, and if you make more than three strikes, you’ll end your run. Keeping a run going is important for unlocking achievements and more difficult game modes.

This game will give you the high-score runs.

It’s a pretty good system, and the puzzles are easy to play. Tapping on a number will highlight in green all of the rest of that number on the board, which is great for seeking out patterns and gaps. Tapping on a blank space will highlight the rest of the numbers in the row or column, which is slightly less helpful.

The 1.0 release of Sudoku 2 falls short in a few ways, which we’re assured will be fixed in an update soon. The easy mode is anything but, as even experienced Sudoku players will struggle with the puzzles and have to use some of the available hints to avoid getting a strike. Also, in the 1.0.1 version that we’ve played, the numbers that are all used up will disappear from the bottom, making it easier to stay on a hot streak. We’re looking forward to these improvements, as well as more than one type of visual style.

Sudoku 2 is a free game, but if you download and run it today instead of waiting for the update, you can play it ad-free permanently. Whether you wait or not, Sudoku 2 is a very fun twist on Sudoku, and we think any logicians should give it a try.

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