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Stylish Dash is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Stylish Dash Review

We see new run ‘n jump games daily. Games such as Canabalt, Monster Dash, and Hook Worlds stand out from the pack, but for the most part new entries are stale rehashes. Not Stylish Dash. With this game, you can run and jump to your heart’s content, all while being fashionable.

There is actually a lot of variety in Stylish Dash. You can jump, double-jump, fly, and attack barricades. The latter two moves use up power that regenerates slowly. There are also plenty of power-ups to collect along the way. Our favorite feature, however, are the ‘up’ arrows that shoot you into the air to play a flying minigame.

Time to find a jogging track with fewer pits.

Six environments are available. You unlock new environments either by completing challenges or using SP points. The only issue is that challenges are very tough to complete and SP points trickle in at a fairly slow pace, while unlock prices are very high. This could be a big put-off for the casual crowd.

You can also use SP points to unlock a variety of stat-boosting equipment. Some of our favorites are slabs of meat carried on bones, a donut inner tube, and the phoenix costume. Again, all of these come at a high cost.

These high costs do have a remedy: in-app purchases for SP. We would advise against these purchases though, considering they won’t get you very far. A second in-app purchase for a fattened character is also available and, while we haven’t tried him out, he looks like he could provide a couple of cheap laughs.


When you get tired of dashing for high scores on Game Center, Stylish Dash gives you two bonus mine-dodging minigames to play. The first, a hoverboard game, consists of weaving between openings in three oncoming rows of mines, collecting SP coins as you go. In the second game, you must run back and forth across the screen and avoid bouncing mines. Both minigames allow you to start at any of the nine difficulty levels.

As the name might imply, Stylish Dash does run ‘n jump with style. The environments, menus, and animations really jump off the screen. Plus, the character looks like a 3D rendered version of the N ninja, which we got a kick out of.

We really enjoyed Stylish Dash’s take on this oversaturated genre. Beneath all the glitter and bonus content, this is a solid run ‘n jump game that will keep you on your toes.

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