Stupidness 2 PRO

Stupidness 2 PRO is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Stupidness 2 Pro Review

Obsession with IQ scores is one of the favorite themes of internet advertisements. Flashing banners and supposed scores of famous people appear, challenging you to beat said scores. Well, Stupidness 2 Pro makes light of the IQ score by challenging you to a number of seemingly simple puzzles and rewarding you with sky-high IQ scores.

Stupidness 2 Pro has just one mode, and it consists of 80 different stages. With a timer ticking away, you are given a puzzle to solve on each stage, often with a line of instruction along the top of the screen. The way you first think to solve it is usually wrong, which is where some inventive solutions come in.

Tougher than Jeopardy.

The puzzles are often solved by tilting or shaking your iDevice, or by using a variety of touch gestures, some of which you’ve probably never used before. Whenever you tap in the wrong place, the timer jumps a bit further down. If it depletes fully, you are booted back to the last checkpoint. We found this frustrating, but it did keep us on our mental toes.

If you get stuck on a level, you can learn the solution at a cost of 15 IQ points. Of course, that’s not a big deal because you can attain an IQ of several hundred points (we managed to get over 700), over the course of the game. Still, you will probably either love or hate the game, and there is no more to it than those puzzles– which offer very little replay value once solved.

Stupidness 2 Pro seems like it is best suited as a party favor, where you challenge friends to solve the deceptively simple puzzles. That’s probably the reason behind the game’s omnipresent Facebook integration, which is ready to post your IQ onto your wall at any point. We see it as a humorous parody of IQ tests, and in that it does well. It’s not for everybody, but as “Pro” implies, there is a free version too.

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