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Stunt Guy Review

When it comes to mobile gaming, simplicity is key. An easy-to-understand premise, accessible controls, and engaging mechanics are required in order to create a successful, market-friendly game. It’s also beneficial to spruce things up with plenty of polish to smooth over any rough edges. Stunt Guy takes an interesting premise (albeit one that’s been done) and applies it to a profession many of us our familiar with, creating a simple pick-up-and-play adventure.

Stunt Guy has you taking up the mantle of a stuntman careening down the highway. It’s your job in each take to collect money and avoid cars along the way, to satiate viewers hungry for action. Using on-screen touch controls at the beginning of the take you can move across the road, left and right, collecting coins that pop up along the way. A running timer at the top left of the screen is there to keep track of your run and how much money you’ve made as well, so you can liken Stunt Guy in some ways to a game like Jetpack Joyride or even Canabalt.

Move, get out the way.

You’ll rack up coins and points as you cruise down the highway hanging off of your stunt car, and running into cars gives you a wreck multiplier, but your real goal is to see how long you can zoom along the highway before completely demolishing your vehicle (and yourself, really). You’ll collect money along the way in order to improve your score, and if you want to flirt with disaster you can attempt to cause a little havoc with the other drivers on the road, but once you end up incapacitated, that’s it for the particular take. This is the ‘keep players coming back for more’ element we’ve seen in nearly all of the bigger apps, and it was wise to incorporate such for Stunt Guy, which is obviously meant for playing in smaller bursts.

Lucky for those of us who fail and fail often, there’s an interesting list that pops up once you’ve completed your take and Guy Stunt (that’s actually his name) has probably ended up in a full body cast. That’s stretching it a bit, but he does rack up quite a few different injuries after his hardcore run down the highway, and you can check out a list of them you inflicted upon the poor man once your level is complete. It’s actually quite entertaining to peruse the list and ‘collect’ the injuries Guy has fallen victim to, all of which are completely your fault, and you should feel bad.

Unfortunately, as simple as it is, Stunt Guy isn’t as addictive as we feel it should be. It’s actually a little slow-moving, and while its goofy animation and aesthetics are charming, there’s something it’s missing. It appears to hit all the high notes that should propel it into the same status as the games previously mentioned in this review, but it’s simply missing the content and the polish that’s keeping it from rising in the charts. With a few updates it could well be improved into a decent endless runner, and with improvements to pacing it could stand alongside the other games amongst its ranks. For now, opt for something that’s been around the block a time or two. The extra experience will speak volumes.

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