Street Fighter X Tekken Hands-On Preview with Video

Finding little surprises off the beaten trail is always a refreshing thing. Tucked away in a small crevice of Capcom’s secured booth was something we didn’t expect to see, something that has not even been officially announced. Following the successful adaptations of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on iOS, Street Fighter X Tekken is also coming to an iPhone and iPad near you.

The demo specifically created for E3 we saw was clearly still in development, but that didn’t prevent us from confirming some details. While we don’t have official word on the game’s roster, we are able to verify that Kazuya, Chun-Li, Nina Williams, and Ryu are in this iOS version.

Additionally, most of this crossover game will stay true to the console versions. Tagging in and out was a breeze though the virtual ‘X’ button. Special attacks have a dedicated button, and depending on where you’re pressing the d-pad, your specials will come out accordingly. Tapping your charge meter will unleash your supers or crossover supers, depending on how full your meter is.

We also chatted with one of the producers of Street Fighter x Tekken on the console and PS Vita side of development. Communicated through an interpreter, he disclosed that they are working very hard to include online play. Considering the tag mechanic and increased level of mayhem in the game, getting network play will be quite an achievement.

With the game not being officially announced yet, Capcom was quiet on many of the big questions we had surrounding the game. The flood of information will be coming soon though. Check out some of the exclusive video we were able to capture from the show floor.

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