Street Fighter IV Volt Battle Protocol Hands-On Preview

The Street Fighter series was born and raised in the arcades of old, where you never knew who would walk up to the machine and become your next opponent. That one-on-one random battle system was lost when the series first came to home consoles. But with the advent of Internet-enabled systems, the ability to fight random opponents is making a comeback. And with Street Fighter IV Volt Battle Protocol, that comeback is making its way to your iPhone.

The upcoming Street Fighter IV Volt Battle Protocol, a follow-up to Street Fighter IV, will feature online multiplayer matchmaking that will allow you to battle wherever you have a Wi-Fi Internet connection. This is the biggest difference between the two games, and from what we’ve played, it will probably be enough for the street fighting faithful to buy a new version of the game.

As expected, the multiplayer mode is packaged along with a standard single player campaign, so you can hone your skills against AI-controlled competitors before duking it out online. Volt also features three characters who weren’t in the original iPhone game: Balrog, Vega, and Cody. Additionally, this version offers more control customization than the original.

No pricing information has been announced yet, but Street Fighter IV Volt Battle Protocol will be available sometime this summer.

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