STPodcast #19: Released Before It Was Done

This week the usual suspects gather to talk about our new GameSpot mobile content partnership, the trend of developers releasing incomplete games with the promise of updates down the line, and a handful of new games we’ve been playing this week. All this, plus a special shout-out to Ashton Kutcher’s millions of Twitter followers and Richard Nixon, who we imagine driving a tiny kart on a track for all of eternity.

Here are the shownotes for Podcast #19:

Intro: 1700 Twitter followers, Ngmoco prize giveaway.

Discussion: Slide to Play becomes GameSpot’s mobile content partner.

Whatcha Been Playing: Hook Champ, Cocoto Racing Online, Canabalt.

Mailbag: What do you think of developers who release incomplete games, or promise more than they can deliver? Note: Right after we had wrapped up this discussion, Minigore 1.1 was released. It still doesn’t contain multiplayer or new levels, but it does now have a radar, a new enemy type, and extra hitpoints for John Gore.

Remember, send your podcast questions to and we’ll pick one to read on the air! We’ll also send you a game code.

You can listen to Slide to Podcast #19 in iTunes, or download it directly here. Thanks for listening!

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