STPodcast #18: Take That, Friendly Competitors

In this week’s podcast, we boast about winning first prize in an Eliminate tournament at Ngmoco. We also discuss the games Hi, How Are You, Robocalypse, and Super Shock Football. Full shownotes and a link to the show after the jump.

This week we discussed:

Intro: Twitter giveaway of game codes for imaginary iPhone accessories (including lighter, flask, and shaver).

Whatcha Been Playing: Hi, How Are You, Robocalypse, and Super Shock Football.

Ngmoco Press Tournament: Discussion of Eliminate and Touch Pets: Dogs.

Game of the Month: Discussion of our thought process in choosing September’s GOTM.

No mailbag this week, but send those questions to and if we choose your letter, we’ll read it on the air and send you a game code or two.

You can listen to Slide to Podcast #18 in iTunes, or download it directly here.

Thanks for listening!

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