STP Tournament: Reviewer’s Paradise!

You may have noticed that STP’s Forums recently grew a new User Reviews section. It’s mostly empty at the moment, barring some excellent work from io_burn and iKryptic. To get this section moving, and to motivate our readers to voice their opinions (we know you have them), we’re offering a shot at fame and fortune… and maybe even a staff position at STP!

Entering our contest is easier than falling down a flight of stairs. All you need to do is visit the User Reviews section and post up a review of a game STP HASN’T REVIEWED YET.

You may review a game that someone else has previously reviewed, and we may review your game at a later date, but we are looking primarily for new material.

We’d also like you to follow STP’s basic editorial conventions–use the four-point scoring system, provide Pros, Cons, and the Bottom Line, and write using the editorial “we,” like we always do (not because we have multiple personalities, mind you; it’s just more authoritative).

Other than that, the content and length are entirely up to you. You may provide videos and/or pictures, and you can review as many different games as you like.

We will check back in two weeks to pick THREE WINNERS. The two runners-up will receive $10 iPhone Gift Certificates, and their reviews will be reposted on STP’s main page. The Grand Prize winner gets a $20 Certificate, a reposted review… and, if we think that their work is of sufficiently high quality, an opportunity to become an official STP Editor!

Have at it!

As always, The Fine Print:

1) You may submit an entry to the Tournament starting from the time of this posting until 12 PM PST Monday, March 16th. Submissions will be closed at that time.

2) Every participant may write any number of reviews, but STP will only consider the single best effort as their official contest entry. Reviews of games STP has already reviewed will be disregarded.

3) After submissions close, STP Staff will choose the three best reviews from the field. Our judging criteria include, but are not limited to: analytical clarity, writing style, thoroughness, additional content, and adherence to STP’s basic editorial conventions.

4) All work must be your own. If we find plagiarized work in this contest, the perpetrator will be disqualified, publicly humiliated, and permanently banned from STP’s Forums. We mean it.

5) All three winning reviews will be reposted on STP’s homepage. The best writer will get a $20 iTunes Gift Certificate, and the next two will get $10 Gift Certificates.

6) If we think any or all of these reviewers have the right stuff, we’ll recruit them, but that’s not guaranteed in any case.

7) All decisions of STP Staff are final!

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