Greedy Bunny Bloodbath

Help the Easter Bunny fend off angry squirrels in this arcade game.

Currently Unavailable

    STP Giveaway: Easter Bunny Bloodbath!

    We know we’re a bit late to the game for an Easter giveaway, but we figure the spirit of the holiday will linger for a couple more days, so why the heck not? We’ve got 10 promos for Hige Five’s hilarious Easter Bunny Bloodbath on hand, and we want to share the love (and explosive acorns)!

    Here’s the plan. Register on our forums, if you haven’t already, and then write a comment on this article discussing your favorite video game Easter Egg of all time. We’ll give it 48 hours or so, pick the top responses (the more esoteric the better, but don’t let us catch you making stuff up!) and notify the winners via private message. Go for it!

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