Missile Command

Missile Command is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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STP’s App Store Medley, October 1

New games are hitting the App Store at an unprecedented rate–too fast for our mortal brains to process and write previews about. So, we’ve decided to list some new games we’ve got our eye on, in what will hopefully become a reoccurring feature: Slide To Play’s App Store Medley! Cue drumroll…


Digital Legends–a Barcelona-based mobile developer of some renown (it developed ONE for the N-Gage some time ago)–throws its hat into the iPhone ring with Kroll, a 3D beat em up starring some dude with wicked sideburns. The App Store page boasts “the most advanced 3D graphic technology ever used on a mobile device,” along with nine levels and cinematic boss battles.

Super Breakout

After preparing the ground by applying legal pressure to copycat games on the App Store, Atari’s released Super Breakout, a reimagination of Nolan Bushnell’s brainchild from 1976. The feature list includes a two-player mode and the ability to create your own background from your photo library.

Missile Command

Atari also went ahead and put out Missile Command, the classic arcade game that makes ballistic missile defense seem like a much better idea than it actually is. It features three difficulty levels, Classic and Ultra Modes, and a two-player game.

PapiJump Plus

Mr. Papi isn’t just another smiley face; he’s starred in his own popular suite of free iPhone games, including PapiRiver, PapiPole, and PapiJump. Now Sunflat Games is looking to monetize the little fella’s following by putting out PapiJump Plus, which expands on the free version by offering multiple level difficulties and configurations, new background colors, and a high score list.


Have you played Dizzy Bee to death and earned all the gold medals? Jonesing for more? Rock’n’Roll, a somewhat similar ball-rolling maze game from Tag Games, might be a good source for a fix. The game’s App Store page advertises 30 levels, motion or touch controls, and “stunning cartoon graphics.”

Block Breaker Deluxe 2

Yes, it’s true: we once called the original Block Breaker Deluxe “the best damn breakout game ever,” and we meant it. The iPhone sequel advertises a randomly-generated Endless mode, the ability to rearrange levels by tilting the iPhone, and real-time two-player matches on a single iPhone. We can’t yet say whether it has inherited its ancestor’s title, though.

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